November 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary Philly

This Fall marks the 10 year anniversary of my arrival to the City of Brotherly Love, and boy how the city and I have come a long way. It doesn't seem like ten years ago when my mom eased onto Broad St from 95 and with a slight grimace asked "you want to go to school here?" Honestly, I was happy to get the hell out of Maryland and into a major city. I couldn't blame her for the look though; the streets were littered with trash, and every other block looked like a meeting place for the homeless. Back then, my school didn't have the extra dining hall or The Shoppes at La Salle, where I could satisfy my grocery needs. Center City left much to be desired, and there was virtually no food scene to speak off (unless you count all the different ways you can order a cheesesteak).
It was during this time that I also came into my own as an adult, finding the people that I would call my friends, many of whom years later, I consider family. I did the community service walks, the rallies, partied in most parts of the city, and learned to navigate the often frustrating public transportation system known as SEPTA.
It seems this past decade Philly and I have been through quite a lot, we grew up and changed for the better. The city has become a must see for culture enthusiasts and foodies alike, while I've grown into a thriving adult. I always think its funny that I've lived in Philly the longest out of all the areas that I've ever lived, its become like a second home to me, and I'm grateful for having experienced the city boom.

Happy Anniversary Philly!