September 30, 2009

The Awesomeness that is Kid Robot

I've been a fan of the Arts all my life. When I was 6 you couldn't tell me that I wasn't going to be the next Micheal Jackson (RIP). When I was 11, I dedicated myself to drawing and animation with impressive results, and in High School I knew the wave of the future would be Digital Art & Music (hence my Bachelor's Degree). But after a disasterous Senior year, and mediocre work as a freelance artist, I decided to hang up the artist hat (fueled by an artistic breakdown which resulted in the destruction of much of my portfolio). This doesn't mean that there isn't a little kid with a sharp set of pencils dying to come out, and I know that kid would have a hell of a time with Kid Robot's Munny & Dunny series. Its a toy, but at the same time its a work of Art. Created by eccentric genius Paul Budnitz, Kid Robot blends together urban styles and pure artistry. I think the best part of Kid Robot is that a lot of the character (called Munny &  Dunny, each with their own prop, and story series) art is done by Graffitti writers or street artists. I love street art, and my appreciation for graffitti goes back to the mid '90s (my fav being the German & French writers). The vinyl characters range from $9.95-$200 for do-it-yourself versions, and up to the thousands for custom made characters. Hopefully one day soon the artist kid will come out and play, and I'll have a little Munny waiting for her. Here are some of my favs:

For all my Philly heads Check out graff artist NOSE (if you've even been in the South St. area I'm sure you've seen his work. He's a cool guy, I've been to some of his openings), his work was featured at Jinxed @ the Piazza in NoLibs

September 26, 2009

Reading is FUNdamental!

For the past few weeks now I've taken to reading the morning paper, my paper of choice: Metro. I mark this as a turning point in my adult life, actually reading my news and really experiencing it. When I was a kid, whenever was given a homework assignement that involved reading the paper I remember feeling so grown up and important. Ready to tackle the "big words" that awaited me in the local periodical. Asking my mother in a very astute voice "can you please hand me the paper" made me feel superior...oh the simple days of childhood! I truly enjoy the quick read on the train ride to work (another VERY adult thing that I do), and even though most newspaper readership is down I hope reading the paper never goes out of style. I hope I'm not the only one that envisions a near future where everyone picks up the "daily Kindle" of their favorite news outlet.

September 24, 2009

The Numbers Game

Today at work, while running routine paperwork and doing routine data entry, I called out to my co-worker, "hey that guy's credit score was 551 right?", she replied, "no its 511". Now normally I would attribute a minor misstep like that to lack of detail, focus, etc... but this wasn't the first time this had happened. In the past few years I've noticed something about myself, I have a problem with numbers. Half jokingly I told my co-worker, "dude I think I have math dyslexia". We both chuckled and moved on, but I think I'm right. I have a tendency to mix up numbers, invert, omit, and transpose them. This is especially true when it comes to phone numbers. Whenever there is something math related that comes up it usually takes me a little longer to solve the problem, like I really have to concentrate. Its like my mind is a blank slate. I took a quick questionnaire online to determine if I did in fact have "math dyslexia" (the proper term is dyscalculia), and I could answer yes to many of the questions!

-My Long Term memory is shot
-I have terrible sense of direction
-When backing up in a car I can't really tell how close or far away I am
-At least 3 times a week I have to "find" my phone or keys on the dresser before I leave for work
-Many math concepts escape me (mainly algebra and trig)
-Great with faces, bad with names
-I can count out $200, but if you ask me how much do 10 $20 dollar bills equal, it takes me a good few seconds to calculate

The more I thought about it though, the more it made sense.

I've gone my entire life thus far with a type of learning disorder...ME! The kid who got straight A's in elementary school, near perfect scores on State tests; might have a slight learning disorder. How am I to understand and deal when I am preparing for a test that is nearly 50% math concepts?! Well, as my linesister put it "You've gone 25 years having this problem and you haven't let it stop you. So don't get all sad about it now!" I guess this means I gotta pay closer attention and work twice as hard. Then again, a little hard work never hurt!

Article on Dyscalulia from LD Online

Video on Dyscalculia:

September 22, 2009

Walk Season!

ITS WALK SEASON!!! Every Fall the charity world goes on a "walking binge". AIDS Walk, Breast Cancer Walk(s), Kidney Walk, etc... And every Fall I participate in many of them. Community Service is something that I've done since I was a young kid (even though growing up I just thought that's what you did). Whether it was singing in nursing homes, performing in Holiday concerts playing my flute and/or singing, cleaning parks, schools or the neighborhood, or just volunteering, I was there doing it! My mother instilled a serious sense of giving and Gratitude in me. I guess that's what to this day I jump at the chance to walk, donate or volunteer to any great cause. Recently, I've been giving to St. Jude and the American Cancer Society (I've also been a part of the HLA Bone Marrow Registry since 2007). I usually make the minimum donation, but it really does come from a place of Love and Gratitude. I hope to see many of you out there as I gear up for this season of Walks and volunteering!

Donate to the Omega Alpha (Greater Philadelphia Area) Chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Inc. Since 1997 We've raised thousands of dollars:

Omega Epsilon Graduate Chapter (Greater D.C. Area) AIDS Walk page:  

Help Soror Tati reach her goal for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk:

What's your Passion?

This question never ceases to elude me. For years, like many twenty-somethings, I've tried to figure out exactly what that is so I can parlay it into a lucrative career and happy life. I mean after all isn't that the American Dream? Doing what you love and getting paid massive amounts of money to do it? On my quest, I've realized that I am passionate about many things: Love. Knowledge. People. Ideas. The World. Along the way I've learned a few basic principles that never change when it comes to finding yourself:

1.Only YOU have all the answers you'll ever need-- Asking for advice from others is great its always good to hear your ideas out loud. But in the end all you need to know lies within you.

2.You always learn what NOT to do-- I think this helps when determining the "right" thing.

3.Faith & Belief are Key-- Without these things....its kind of pointless. You have really got to BELIEVE in yourself and your abilities regardless of what others say or think. No one's opinions matter....ever. If you don't believe in yourself, no one will either.

4. Knowledge is nothing without application

5.Acceptance--Of everything. The "duality" of people, the state of life, who you are, your life situation. Everything. Once you really accept, you can clear your mind to make good decisions.

September 15, 2009

My Fall Line Up

Ahhhh! A new season of TV programming is upon us, and I could not be more excited! My work, hobbies, and Greek Life duties usually keep me pre-occupied most nights of the week. However, there will be some nights that will just have to suffer. Below are my Top 5 TV shows I will be "vegging" out to this Fall season, watch with me!

 After the Summer season was over (Congrats Jeanette), I was shocked and elated that there would be a Fall season. Can't wait for more Mia Micheal routines, guest judges, watching amazing dancers take the stage, and of course Mary Murphy screaming her head off and calling producer Nigel Barker an "English muffin"
Since watching the online sneak previews and Directors cut on my Hulu.....I'm hooked! This show is hands down awesome. It bring out the singing, dancing geek in me. Rob Murphy's dark and subtle humor is only enhanced by the witty acting of the ensemble cast. My favorite character is Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch of The "L" Word fame). She angry, selfish, dark, and funny as hell. The songs on the show will defintely add to my karaoke repitore :)
3 Sheets is not only a show....its a drinking game! And what person between the ages of 21-35 wouldn't LOVE that about a show??? The host is Zane Lamprey (with best buddy Pleepleus, a stuffed monkey) and his mission is to traverse the globe to partake in worldly drinking customs...basically, he gets paid to travel and drink (wish that was my job). Fans of the show saved it from oblivion after its 3rd season. The show started out on the cable channel MOJO, which has since folded, and can now be seen on the Fine Living Network (FLN). I've watched all 3 seasons on my Hulu and can't wait for the 4th! Check out Zane's site for how to drink & watch 3 Sheets at the same time:

This show is every post-college female's guilty included. I don't know what exactly it is about this show that keeps me hooked! Is it Dan & Serena's "will they or won't they" moments? Chuck Bass being...Chuck Bass? Blair learning how difficult it is to stay bad? Or Little Jenny's transformation from unknown to "Queen Bee"? I don't know but I'm hooked! I have to catch up on last season...I wonder if Hulu will post those episode anytime soon?
Last but not least....
I appreciate how different this show is, and how it pushes the envelop of any other show. Its not your typical forensic cop drama, or nerdy whodunit series. Its smart. As a former X-Files fan, this show has given me back a piece of that nostalgia. Even though I was weary of Josh Jackson (he played Pacey from Dawson's Creek) taking on the role of a smart-alec-plays-by-his-owns-rules-reluctant crime solver, he does a damn good job, and compliments Anna Trov (who plays Agent Olivia Dunham) very well. Think of it as a grown-up Kyle XY meets the X-Files.
I hope many of you will be watching some of these shows, I know I will! Check out their network sites for local listing times:
p.s.-Even though Heroes wasn't on the list, I am still looking forward to the new season....if I can get over last season.

September 10, 2009

Land of Enchantment

I spent Labor Day weekend in the "State of Enchantment" aka New Mexico. If you ever get the chance to go...DO IT!! It's a great place, not too hot, lots of outdoors stuff to do, and pretty cheap! Enjoy!


September 2, 2009

The NEW Blog!

Fresh_Agent is now Blackhippy. Going to start taking this blogging seriously. So seriously, that I am going to a blog meetup this month. Stay tuned.