February 28, 2009

Surprise!!! You're 25 :)

Tonight I am off to a surprise celebration for an old friend, whom I literally haven't seen in a year. It's in a part of the city called Manayunk. I've been to this part of the city many times with these friends (honestly, some of the coolest and most cultured people I know), and as much as I loathe the hour trip clear across the city, I seem to marvel at this place. Honestly, Manayunk is a yuppies dream. Known for its frat-esque bars, small cobblestone streets and neighborhood eateries, Manayunk is an idyllic place to start an adult life. Things are close by, its in the city but not at the same time, and has lots of parks and fresh air. With all the crime and deterioation of other parts of the city, I look forward to a nice departure from the routine. I myself look forward to moving to the Northeast section of the city. Yes, this is where many Philadelphians go to raise families and start the second part of their adult life. I've contemplated moving closer to the hustle and bustle of Center City.....but the crime and dirt of the city are keeping me away.

Recently, I've realized that I am NOT a fan of clubs. Hate them. Yes, once in a while they're good for bugging out and people watching, but that's about it. Nothing excites me about $8 drinks and $30 appetizers. Now without this "passion for flashin" how am I to keep up with the hipsters on what's going on (more importantly, how do I keep up for my artists)? Sigh. I guess there will still be random nights of complete drunken mayhem for me....it's ok... I'm still young :)

February 18, 2009

Philosphy + Happiness

I have recently purchase "The Master Key System" by Charles Haanel. I read briefly about this book when I read, then re-read "The Secret". Basically, the book is a guide on how to utilize the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws to bring about happiness and peace in one's life. Now, I don't expect to find all of life's answers in this book, but hey its a step :). I'm really looking forward to ingesting the book mentally to gain a better perspective. I have not been in the best of moods lately, I'll spare the personal reasonings, and as usual I go through my typical crisis of conciousness. Struggling to understand why I am feeling a certain way and how to fix it to become a happier person. Honestly, thinking about how I can be better gets to be way to much. Then I get caught in a cycle of loathing my thinking. Strange I know, but its just how my little brain works. So, as usual, I get tired of being unhappy and unfulfilled. Let's hope "The Master Key System" will help break that. While "The Secret" defintely opened my eyes and mind, maintaining the positive thought process is a daily struggle. Yeah, still working on it.

I also recently saw an interview with Eckhart Tolle author of "The Power of Now" & "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose". In case you didn't know, the latter book has been officially accepted into Oprah's Book Club and has been critcally acclaimed. While watching the interview, he said something that sounded so right; "Forget the ego". Hmmm? The ego is what causes the stream of conciousness to being and start the I'm always right cycle, which we humans are known for. This is what helps drive our anxiety, stress and unhappiness. "Forget the ego". If only I could do it so simply. Learning to live in the now and forgetting the ego will now become a personal & spiritual goal for me. I've been told all my life I am meant to be great. I believe it. Maybe this will help me achieve it.

February 5, 2009

Kid Cudi/Greekstand

One of the freshest, hottests artists out to me right now is Kid Cudi. The Cleveland MC puts a fresh spin on midwest Hip Hop. He's different and not afraid to show it. My fav tracks include; "Day N' Nite (Crookers Remix)" and "Man on the Moon", the latter being a recent personal anthem. I'd love for some of Arm's artists to collaborate with Cudi! Personally, I'd like to meet the newest addition to Kanye's G.O.O.D. label and pick his musical brain.

Follow me on Twitter @Agent_Fresh!!! Hit me up if you want to book any of Arm's artists! 3,2,1...GO!

On a lighter note: One of Greek Life soulmates, Raul San Miguel, has tapped into something truly ingenious... funny para for Greek lettered organizations! Not only does Greekstand.com poke fun at its main audience (Latino & Multicultural Greeks) but also Historically Black organizations. There's also a part on the site for you to create your OWN sayings & designs. If you know me, my line is all venom, I hate on everyone! lol. Don't take the site so seriously and just enjoy! Greekstand is defintely the new wave in Greek para.

February 4, 2009

Arm Management Group Inc.

Arm Management Group was created for Models, Actors, Artists, and anyone with talent. ARM’s services encourages and strives to have talent be paid for what they are worth and extends their “arm” to serve as an agent while doing whatever it takes for talent to succeed and further their careers!

Arm Management Group was found by Reyna Alvarado and Duronn James aka "Justis". Arm is professional and strives to maintain their professionalism while conducting business in the utmost respect for their talent. Arm is based out of Phoenix, AZ, however, the company has contacts and talent throughout the United States. Arm will be expanding ALL across the World in 2009.
The company’s motto is:“WE HAVE THE ARM THAT YOU NEED” Better believe it- ARM really does have the “arm” you need! From services extended to models, actors, fashion directors, dancers, photographers… if you have talent- ARM has the “arm” to help you!

Everyone at ARM LOVES what they do here and has a true Passion to give their “arm” to anyone who needs it!

And that's the company... in a nutshell.

The Artists:
DJ Yoshi- Blowing up NYC! The official Boost Mobile Tour and Hot Import Nights DJ is playing the Gramercy Room and will be resident DJ @ Touch Fridays in Times Square!

Bella M.-Currently accepting dates on the West Coast for her "Art of Change College Tour" Her art evokes the sign of the times. From portraits, to live paintings this artist truly pours her soul into her work.

Shalon Delgado- Currently Shalon is a member of "Ladies of the DMV" in Washington, D.C. promoting events and keeping parties hott!

Aaydo- Currently accepting dates for shows all over!! This prolific MC is in the studio working hard on the solo album. She's opened for the likes of Wyclef, Schwayze, and many others! Oh, did I mention she's also host of Da Block on KRCK 97 Hits??!! (p.s.-she's NICE on the MIC!)