March 17, 2011

Right to be forgotten

Ever get sick of Facebook constantly changing their privacy restrictions, or having them share information with third party sites? Or have you ever been freaked out by how Google knows what you like? Ever looked yourself up on With the world wide web holding on to every byte of our information from profile settings to those embarassing Facebook photos, many lawmakers in Europe and the US are calling for "the right to be forgotten".
The law would make privacy rules more transparent and understandable for users of social media sites, and tougher for companies to get personal information from users. Its unclear what direction the US will take on the matter, but Europe wants companies to verify consumer information via for pop-up consent boxes, and even removing names from sensitive news articles so that victims and suspects can hold on to some privacy.
I think the creation of a law like the right to be forgotten is a move in the right direction. More studies prove that children coming of age in the digital generation have no sense of "pure privacy". Just about every website you visit wants you to create a log-in and password to do everything from read an article,listen to music, or order takeout. Don't comply, and the visit to that site gets locked away in a mysterious cookie-land. Think that ad for your favorite soda popped up in your e-mail out of sheer coincidence? Think again.

Mo Money, Mo Problems?

I've recently been very blessed by receiving the fruits of my labors. After many early mornings and late nights in the office, juggling multiple deadlines, and an active social life, things are going quite dandy in the financial area of my life (a first in about a year or so). But with finances comes the ability to use the money wisely and responsibly. Paying off bills, saving for my linsister's wedding in July, paying for an outfit for banquet, paying down debts, and saving for school are all no brainers, but as my mom puts it; "you've got to have fun money". I have no idea what "fun" I should have with this money. A trip abroad? Save for a car? A trip across country? Who knows, I think there's still some budgeting that needs to happen, but in the meantime, if this happened to you, how would you spend your "fun money"?


I've officially been accepted to the Professional Writing Certificate Program at Arcadia University, and I couldn't be happier! I know I've been laughing at all of my friends either in Graduate School or taking classes, they're always dreading another paper or test, but now I am one of them. If all goes well and I like the program and school, I want to continue and pursue my MBA. Time to get the ball rolling! Go #TeamGradSchool!

March 10, 2011

What's a Phone Call?

I realized today that something is very wrong with my friends and I; something very odd indeed. I realized that the best way to talk to anyone I know is NOT on the telephone, which is pretty odd because we are the last generation to remember what it's like to have a landline. I grew up in the olden times where you didn't have to memorize area codes, and there was such a thing as being charged for long distance, and you were considered "cool" if you had your own cordless phone.
These days everyone I know has a smart phone, not so much a phone, but a pocket sized computer that you sometimes use to call people (mainly used in emergencies, or to call nagging family members). Personally, have an aversion to talking on the phone simply because for most of my day its not convenient and I can multitask while texting. Then there's the issue of getting a good signal and risking a dropped call. Am I the only one that thinks its strange that you can have half of one bar on your phone but still manage to send a text AND  check-in to Foursquare, but not be able to connect to a call?
I wonder if kids still talk on the phone to their boyfriends and girlfriends, or if its all about sexting. I don't know when it happened but I haven't used my phone as a phone (for lesuire) in a while. As I get older I wonder if this will change, but for now I'll continue to make the most of my unlimited texts.

March 8, 2011

Plastic Is Your Friend

I never realized how important it was to have a debit card until now. On February 19th, I "lost" my debit card while out with friends. Once I go home I called my bank, deactivated the card, and was assured that within 5-7 business days I would have a new card. Its been about 14 business days, and I still have no card, and I hate carrying cash, not for the fear I will be robbed, but knowing I have cash in my pocket only makes me want to spend it that much faster. When I have my debt card, with its convenient VISA logo, I do the math in my head before I purchase anything forcing me to really evaluate if I need  to spend the money. Today I made the third phone call to my bank about the situation and they're sending me another card, which will take another 5-7 business days. Not only has this wait been an inconvenience, causing me to go out of my way to get to a branch, but I've missed out on several travel deals. That $200 round trip ticket to Tampa I planned to purchase will most likely be double now. Thanks PNC, thanks a lot.