August 24, 2012

So Familiar Yet...So Different

I really like my job.

That is a bold statement to make, moreseo if you're me. Since graduating college I've developed the innate ability to pick the shittiest jobs. Shit jobs in just about every way: pay, people, bosses, tasks, etc... its odd to me though, at times I look back on certain ones and miss aspects of them. I worked in a bakery for a couple years right after graduation which was fun, but when the sincere reality of working poverty sets in, things that were once perks just become annoyances. I have to say though, the bakery was by far the best one I had until recently.
Persistence became my bff in pursuing my current position (mainly out of fear that I would run completely out of $$ before I found a job), and after many meetings I came on board with a vision of where I could take the position and how I could be an asset to the company. Previously, those were just buzz words I'd use on my resume but now they really mean something. Its always a good thing when you have a positive go-getter manager who appreciates you, pushes you and most of all trusts you with your position. Its very similar to the position I left...without all the drama, broken promises, double talk and sheer frustration. I guess this is what it feels like for those people that say they like their job. Usually I teeter with the a job being just a job and enjoyment of it not being a factor, but this time around I'm choosing to enjoy the bejeesus out of it.

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